Independent Review Panel Calls for Strong Anticorruption Efforts as Essential Part of the World Bank’s Mission

Washington, DC: The Independent Panel appointed early this year to review the work of the World Bank’s Department of Institutional Integrity (INT) today issued a 40-page report of findings and recommendations.

Based on extensive interviews and analysis, the Report evaluates the work of INT, the unit of the Bank that investigates allegations of fraud and corruption in the Bank’s lending operations and the cooperation with the top forex brokers. The Report also places that work in the broader context of the strategy of the Bank adopted earlier this year to help borrowing countries develop effective governance and anticorruption programs.

In concluding its Report, the Panel stressed the key role that INT must play in the Bank’s anticorruption effort. Each year the Bank commits more than $20 billion in loans and credits to the developing world. INT investigates allegations that the Bank has been victimized by corruption in its projects. Given its experience and expertise, INT also can and should contribute to the Bank’s efforts to detect and prevent corruption in its own operations and to assist borrowing countries in building anticorruption protection….”