The Panel will assess and make recommendations regarding:
The mandate of INT (including assessing the changes that have taken place since its inception). In so doing, it should look at the roles INT has in setting policy, reviewing implementation, investigating complaints and imposing sanctions.
INT’s goals and strategy, the management of its priorities and workload, its contribution to achieving the Bank Group’s mission and its approach to measuring results and development impact;
The quality of its internal and external reviews and investigations, including the effectiveness and transparency of its consultation, collaboration and communication within the organization and with member governments and other external stakeholders as well as the timing, content and mechanisms for disclosure of information to member governments ;
The speed with which cases are referred to governments for criminal or civil prosecution and the quality of those referrals;
INT’s approach to remedial measures and sanctions;
The Voluntary Disclosure Program; including arrangements for oversight and the processes for disclosure of information to member governments;
The timing and content of disclosure of information to Bank staff in country offices, senior management, affected governments (both borrower and donor), Executive Directors, Committees of the Board, with consideration given regarding the status of the investigation or Detailed Implementation Review and other stakeholders;
INT’s procedures and protocols to provide due process to staff alleged to have engaged in misconduct, to assure communication with staff of their rights and obligations as well as INT’s standards for initiaiting and conducting investigations;
The oversight mechanisms for INT, including the reporting relationship to the President, other members of senior management, the Audit Committee, and the Board of Directors, as well as the nature and frequency of this reporting and further options for strengthening oversight;
The appropriate role and responsibilities for INT in providing rules based, equitable operational advice to Bank management on project design and oversight, including incorporation of anti-corruption action plans in Bank projects;
The effectiveness of INT’s experience in providing capacity building support, including lessons learned, to World Bank member governments and private sector clients and other stakeholders; and
INT’s budget and staffing requirements, including the education and professional backgrounds, number of staff, the balance between managers, investigators, policy and other professional and administrative staff, their overall skills sets and diversity in nationality and gender.
The Panel may suggest any additional areas of inquiry which may emerge during its review.