Purpose and Scope

The World Bank Group’s Department of Institutional Integrity (INT) plays an important role in the Bank’s overall good governance and anti-corruption drive. The President and the Board of Directors have asked an independent panel of experts to carry out a comprehensive review of INT to assess how it can best contribute to the Bank’s poverty reduction mission and to safeguard the institution from legal, fiduciary, and other risks.

The Panel will review and evaluate the mandate and authorities, the policies, procedures, practices, independence, reporting lines, and oversight mechanisms related to the World Bank Group’s Department of Institutional Integrity. The Panel also will assess and provide recommendations on the World Bank Group’s implementation of recommendations from previous such reviews. The Panel should provide findings and recommendations with a view to supporting effective, efficient, equitable, transparent and accountable standards for INT’s operations, and, to update, as needed, INT’s Terms of Reference as well as its Strategic Directions and Business Plan.

In carrying out the review, the panel will take into consideration the standards and procedures of similar investigative bodies within the United Nations, the European Union, multilateral institutions, governments, private sector and other best practices, as well as any relevant international standards. The Panel also should evaluate INT’s operations and activities in the context of the Bank’s Governance and Anti-Corruption Strategy.

In conducting this review, the Panel should engage with a broad range of the Bank’s partners, including other multilateral institutions, governments, civil society organizations and other bodies, and with the Bank’s staff and shareholders.